Zittles CBD Hemp Flower


Produced exclusively in a green house atmosphere we bring you Zkittles CBD Flower. Zittles CBD is an Indica dominant and sweet flavoured chunky nugs produce a wonderful warm blend of fruity tastes, plus smells. Hints of crimson everywhere this award winning cbd hemp strain is filled with electricity. This quality green house Zittles CBD flower is frosted in trichomes and is available with 25.46%  overall cannabinoids and also over 20.38% CBD.

The Zittles CBD hemp is examined to make certain that it complies with hemp industry standards and contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC.   Zittles CBD has a close machine trim and final hand trim.

Nose:  Sweet flavored with a blend of fruity tastes & smells.

Total CBD: 20.32 % – 203 mg per gram.

Total Cannabinoids:  254 mgs or 25.467% per g.

CBGA:  2.12 mgs per g

Delta 9 THC: .17%

CBC:  1.44 mg per g, 1.44%

CBCa:  12.26 mg per g, 12.26%

CBDVa:  1.17 mg per g.

THCA:  5.48 mg per g