Sour Lifter CBD Flower Light Dep Indoor


Indoor Sour Lifter Hydroponic Light Dep

Should you were a fan of the very first Lifter then Sour Lifter is a game changer.  Indoor Sour Lifter CBD is probably the most anticipated strain this season, we believe it is definitely a lifestyle around the hype. This Sour Lifter CBD flower is a Sativa Superior Crossbreed and is the ideal day time pressure relief.  Indoor Sour Lifter hemp holds the perfect density, shaded by using a beautiful selection of green and by a sparkling cover of trichomes. CBD Sour Lifter has an abudance of powerful terpenes including Myrcene.

Type of CBD Hemp Strain: Sativa Hybrid

The perfect day time, outstanding Sativa. With Myrcene experiencing highly effective sedative and anti-inflamation related consequences in addition to Pinene’s capacity to help you feel happy, alert and lively this Sour Lifter is sure to have you ever sensing incredi

What time of day should I use Sour Lifter CBD flower?  Excellent for day time use

Flower look and smell:

Indoor Sour Lifter CBD flower keeps a perfect gorgeous variety of greens and red by using a shiny cover of trichomes.

Nose and Taste:  Hints of orange and wonderful grape with a heavy diesel twist.

Sour Lifter Terpene Profile: