Sour Lifter CBD Flower Light Dep Indoor



Indoor Sour Lifter Hydroponic Light Dep

Should you be a fan of the very first Lifter, then Sour Lifter is a game-changer.  Indoor Sour Lifter CBD is probably the most anticipated strain this season, and we believe it is a lifestyle around the hype. This Sour Lifter CBD flower is a Sativa Superior Crossbreed and is the ideal daytime pressure relief.  Indoor Sour Lifter hemp holds the perfect density, shaded by using a beautiful selection of green and by a sparkling cover of trichomes. In addition, CBD Sour Lifter has an abundance of potent terpenes, including Myrcene.

Type of CBD Hemp Strain: Sativa Hybrid

The perfect daytime, outstanding Sativa.

What time of day should I use Sour Lifter CBD flower?  Excellent for daytime use

Flower look and smell:

Indoor Sour Lifter CBD flower keeps a perfect gorgeous variety of greens and red by using a shiny cover of trichomes.

Nose and Taste:  Hints of orange and wonderful grape with a heavy diesel twist.

Sour Lifter Terpene Profile: