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Btown CBD strives to produce hand crafted cbd moon rocks. Our moon rocks are unique because we use organically grown hemp flower and cbd hemp kief. We have the option to coat the flower with shatter, isoterp, cbd wax, or distillate.

Our hemp cbd kief is from Co2 blasted Kief. We are one of the few hemp companies with compliant indoor kief.

We will be releasing new variations of cbd moon rocks. Btown CBD is offering CBD Hemp Moon rocks infused with indica plant based terpenes.  This terpene blend is extracted from natural herbs and plants..  The terpenes are structurally the same as what is found in the average indica profile.  We use USA organically grown industrial hemp flower ranging from 14 to 18% cbd dipped in cbd terpene oil, and rolled in Cbd kief to create a moon rock.  The kief is from indoor special sauce hemp.  Ultimately this creates a compliant cbd moon rock with high Cbd levels.

We strive to have our Cbd moon rocks test between 15% and 40% Cbd depending on the cannabinoid levels of our base cbd flower buds  For users wanting an even higher Cbd level they can adding 1 gram of Cbd isolate.

CBD hemp flower contains an abudance of medicinal benefits without the unpleasant side effects of high THC.  Cbd moon rocks allow consumers to sustain a normal level of productivity and concentration.  Many individuals notice hemp moon rocks promote concentration, reduce anxiety, and pain.  Hemp flower moon rocks allows Americans to reduce opioid use.. 

∆ 9 THC < .17%

Delta 8 THC Hemp Derived

Delta 8 THC Hemp Moon Rocks 52% D8