This page contains all of the 3rd party test results for Btown CBD. This ensures we are producing safe and high quality hemp products which are legal.  For more information on our products and quality control methods click here

Product quality is paramount when it comes to CBD Oil. This means we make sure our products exceed our customers’ expectations each and every day. CBD consumers often have no idea where their product was grown or produced. At Btown CBD we thrive on attention to quality and safety.

The result is all-natural hemp oil derived from hemp plants grown on our hemp colleagues farms in Colorado. We test the potency of every batch that is produced and to ensure you are receiving the precise amount of active cannabinoids ordered.

CBD Preroll Test Results Below

House Blend Cherry Z infused with Special Sauce Kief
Preroll COA infused with Kief


CBD Flower Test Results In Stock 

60% CBD Moon Rocks Special Sauce 2-22-20 

Cherry 2.0 COA

Baox Flower COA

Moon Rock Batch 2 COA

Lemon Haze COA

Lifter CBD Flower COA

Special Sauce COA  # 2


Previous CBD Flower Batches

Lifter 1 COA

Special Sauce COA Batch 1