Sour Diesel CBD Flower Guide

Sour Diesel Hemp CBD Flower

Known for its sour yet gaseous scent, Sour Diesel CBD, aka Sour D CBD hemp is a Sativa dominant hemp strain. These CBD hemp buds are dazzling green with orange pistils complimenting each flower. The look may not be as exotic as other CBD flowers, but what Sour Diesel CBD lacks in color is created up for in flavor and smelly aromas. the CBD flowers are powder in fuzzy light-weight trichomes. The buds are thick, not dried up, and sticky to touch.

CBD: 20% / Delta 9 THC: .09%


Sour Diesel CBD Plant genetics

Most speculations propose that Sour Diesel Hemp is actually a cross between Chemdawg and Skunk. Other people suspect that Sour Diesel CBD hemp is derived from Diesel and that is a well-known Sativa prominent hybrid (30:70 Indica/Sativa). No matter its genetic make-up, Sour D  was crossed with superior hemp to lower the delta 9 THC and turn this strain into a CBD hemp compliant product.


Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Terpene Profile

You will find distinct terpenes that can come through Sour D  and a few that come from the CBD strain. Terpenes reward your Endocannabinoid Process (ECS) and are recognized to affect an individual’s health. The terpenes within this hemp strain are thought to aid stimulate and motivate creativeness along with managing the Endocannabinoid aka ECS system.







Sour Diesel CBD Aroma & Flavor

When busting apart the bud of Sour Diesel CBD flower, you can smell the bitter, tangy smell masking the flower’s sugary smell. Once opened up, the robust kerosine smell kicks in. The tangy information energizes and stimulates the mind while your entire entire body calms. It pretty much tastes the way it smells.

What to expect after smoking

Sour Diesel is a fast-performing strain, soon after breathing in the flower, you soon discover an energetic and centered outcome that is great for day time use.  Most individuals do not expect to feel dazed.


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