What are CBD Moon Rocks and how potent are they?

60% CBD Moon Rocks Indoor Special Sauce Kief

What Are CBD Moon Rocks? 

Moon Rocks were first formulated in the West Coast THC industry.  The dispensary Starbudz760 has been given credit for making the first high THC moon rocks.  The west coast rapper Kurupt made moon rocks famous after trademarking the Kurupt moon rock brand.  Several decades later, the CBD Moon Rocks were formulated.

CBD moon rocks are made using only industrial hemp materials, cbd kief, cbd distillate, cbd flower.  The trimmed cbd hemp flower is dipped or sprayed with cbd distillate and rolled in cbd hemp kief.  This combination of materials produces a cbd moon rock that tested at 60% CBD.  Btown CBD has one of the strongest hemp moon rocks on the market.


What can you expect from Smoking CBD Moon Rocks? 

When taking your first toke of CBD, Moon Rocks produces a tasty terpene-rich kief experience.  Many customers end up describing it as who aww.  CBD moon rocks cause an intense smoking session with heavy smoke and big clouds.  Even though our version of hemp moon rocks is lower in THC, they produce a hard-hitting punch.  Consumers who want a high dose of cbd and other cannabinoids are fans of cbd hemp moon rocks.  Users should understand a little goes a long way when using this type of hemp product.






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