CBD Moon Rocks with Special Sauce Kief

cbd moon rocks

Btown CBD is offering CBD Hemp Moon rocks.  We use USA organically grown industrial hemp flower ranging from 14 to 20% cbd dipped in full spectrum CO2 extracted hemp oil, and rolled in Cbd kief to create a cbd hemp moon rock.  The kief is indoor special sauce hemp.  Ultimately this creates a compliant cbd moon rock with high Cbd levels.

We strive to have our Cbd moon rocks test between 30% and 40% Cbd.  The Cbd hemp kieff allows us to nearly double the Cbd levels of our hemp moon rocks.  For users wanting even higher Cbd levels they select adding 1/2-1 gram of Cbd isolate.

CBD hemp flower contains an abudance of medicinal benefits without the unpleasant side effects of high THC.  Cbd moon rocks allow consumers to sustain a normal level of productivity and concentration.  

  • ∆ 9 THC < .3%
  • Organically Grown
  • Full Spectrum
  • Loaded with Natural Terpenes
  • Indoor Cbd keif Special Sauce

Why should you consider consuming cbd moon rocks? The first major advantage is the high absorption rate.  When we smoke moon rocks the cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed into our pulmonary system.  They then enter our blood stream.  This process by passes the stomach and liver.  This is why you should purchase cbd moon rocks today.


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