The Benefits of CBD Hemp Flower

Cbd Hemp Flowers

The majority of American consumers cannot handle the side effects of high THC flower.  They do not find the anxiety,  paranoia, and potential panic attacks to be a pleasant experience.  Hemp flower allows the user to receive all the benefits from high THC cannabis without the side effects.  Let’s face it corporate America will be testing for THC for another five to ten years.   Ultimately this makes CBD hemp flower a game changer for millions of people.   

Hemp cbd flower contains .3% or less Delta 9 THC, but has high amounts of CBD, plus other cannabinoids, and terpenes responsible for the plants smell.   A majority of CBD flower consumers report receiving turbo charged benefits from hemp flower.  Another benefit is users are able to function normally after smoking hemp. Therefore more cannabis consumers are purchasing this product to have a true cannabis experience.     

High percentage  cbd flower (12%-25%) has an enhanced synergy between CBD and THC.  When smoking hemp flowers the user receives cannabinoids and terpenes, which complement one another for a stronger punch.  This full spectrum cannabis option binds to our bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the endocannabinoid system.  Ultimately hemp flowers are taking the CBD industry by storm.     

The proper dose of cbd flower will vary from person to person.  A variety of hemp strains effect each individual user differently.  We recommend starting off by consuming a low dose of high CBD hemp flower.  A beginner dose consists of one or two pulls from a pipe, vaporizer or joint.  Then wait ten to twenty minutes to assess the situation. 







Lifter CBD Hemp Flower 20.38% CBDA
We are proud to offer this organically grown, Lifter hemp flower.  The hemp flower has <.3% ∆ 9 THC placing this product under the 2014 Farm Bill Act section 7606.  CBD Flower is further supported by   The CBDA is 15.94% for this hemp strain. We can legally ship this product to all 50 states.  3 rd Party Test Results This Cbd flower has an extremely gassy nose and a great cure.  Each order is packed and sealed in an order proof bag.  Plus every order will contain a copy of 3 rd party test results. It is recommended to exercise responsibility when using this hemp cannabis product.  This flower looks and smells the same as marijuana, therefore be responsible for possessing this type of item.  Btown is not responsible for anyone seizing this product, being detained, incarcerated or fined for processing this legal hemp flower.  Each customer purchasing and consuming at your own risk.

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