What are CO2 extractions and why do I care?

What are CO2 extractions and why do I care?

The process behind carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction involves a LOT of science. Basically, CO2 extraction is a method of supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide being the supercritical fluid used. It’s a pressure driven system to separate the CBD from the rest of the compounds in the cannabis plant.

Why carbon dioxide? Carbon dioxide is a super clean, natural chemical. After all it’s in the air around us and what plants use to breathe and grow. This means that it does not alter the purity of the final product and does not require the introduction of potentially harmful chemicals to separate the substances of the plant.

So why do I care? It matters because CBD from hemp is going inside your body, and using a product that uses CO2 extraction means you’re getting the purest version of products available. Btown CBD products are safe, clean, regulated, and controlled. Now you know why it is so important to our company to only allow CO2 extraction for our cannabidiol.

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