Is CBD Legal In Indiana ?

Yes, CBD extracted from industrial hemp is legal in Indiana. First of all Indiana struggles to define cbd extracted from industrial hemp.  This is due to how they define medical cbd.  Ultimately industrial hemp is an agricultural product, not marijuana or medical cbd.  Therefore our elected officials in D.C. have passed legislation to protect the hemp industry.

Due to the senate and congress clearly defining industrial hemp, and by passing the Federal Omnibus Act of 2016,section 763, and the 2014 Agricultural Act, section 7606.  In addition, to further support this evidence is a link written by Rob Knight.  Rob is the top hemp lawyer in the United States.  Consequently this proves an individual can obtain, ship, or sell Cbd extracted from Industrial hemp.  In conclusion cannabis consumers are enjoying the benefits of legal cbd hemp oil in all 50 states.

Thank you for shopping with us today.  Btown Cbd will continue to ship Industrial hemp extracts to Indiana and the other 49 states.   Please your order today!

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